Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cho'gath Tyranid Swarm


Every world has it's dangers. Ravenous beasts, bottomless pits and corrupt dictators flood the system. What rested dormant on the planet Pacis was more horrifying than anything anyone had ever seen before. Billions upon billions of monstrous creatures came out of the ground and invaded every town, city and home. Millions of innocent people cried out before having their voices silenced by an earthshaking "Omnomnomnom!" That world had ended. The sector soon followed. This was the beginning of Hive Fleet Cho'gath!

More pictures of my Cho'gath tyranid swarm (at least what I have done so far) can be found here
I'm currently working on finishing some more genestealers and one of my Carnifexes. I have plenty of other models to finish as well, including a hive tyrant, another carnifex, a broodlord, more genestealers and a ton of gaunts. I'll post more pictures as my fleet gets closer and closer to finishing.